Excel A-2-Z Course

Microsoft Excel Beginner to Professional. Includes Pivot Tables, VLOOKUP, etc. This A-2-Z path will make you an Excel Expert.

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What will i learn?
  • Excel formulas and features you must know to advance your career
  • Become confident with Excel by learning from scratch or filling in the gaps
  • For interactive Excel reports, learn how to use Pivot Tables, Pivot Charts, Slicers, and Timelines
  • Hacks and hidden Excel features that nobody talks about
  • The Excel course features challenges, quizzes, and exercises
  • Updated to include new functions such as FILTER, XLOOKUP, SORT, and UNIQUE

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The A-2-Z Excel Course from Jobaaj Learnings will help you to become better at Excel OR learn Microsoft excel from the basics.



THE COURSE HAS BEEN updated to include all the NEW Excel Functions of Microsoft 365, including

  • Excel’s new XLOOKUP function
  • New FILTER function in Excel




Do you want to learn how to use Microsoft Excel and improve your data analysis skills but are unsure where to start?

Have you been using Excel for a while but don’t feel confident using it?


The information available is so wide in the world of excel. How do you know what is needed to succeed?

This course is packed together with the Excel essential skills a Data Analyst needs into a structured course so you can become an expert in excel.

All the quick tips and tricks are included in this course, along with the most common Excel problems faced by our clients. In addition to this, we have made sure that every Excel beginner can use it.

In this course, the students will get knowledge of Excel for quick and painless data analysis from these practical, real-world examples.

There are many time-saving Excel formulas and features. We tend to forget about those when we don’t use them. This Excel A-2-Z Course will help you to practice the best solutions for whatever problem you have right now.




In countless Microsoft Excel training courses, you are taught the critical Excel functions and features. 

HOWEVER, can you put what you learned to use with your files?

Can you practice and be challenged enough to retain all the information that is being taught?

In this course, you will learn how to design simple to complex spreadsheets. You will go beyond Excel basics. You will be able to apply what you learnt through the system. You will learn new formulas and find more efficient ways to set up your spreadsheets program.

The dozens of real-world examples you’ll solve in this course will challenge your mind so you can work smarter and faster.





There are two kinds of people who should take this Excel Course:

  1. Beginners, that is, anyone who wishes to start learning Excel.
  2. Advanced Excel users want to ensure that their skills cover the essentials. The course includes many Excel tips and hidden features a very few analysts know about.

Besides teaching Excel basics, the Excel A-2-Z course also helps Excel intermediate and advanced users make their way through the program without having to start from scratch.

It’s beneficial for corporate professionals who don’t feel 100% confident using Excel. There are tips and tricks even advanced Excel users don’t know about in this course.



When you complete the course, you’ll know how to use Excel in any work situation and be able to:

  • Introduction to Microsoft excel built-in functions
  • Input data and navigate large spreadsheets
  • Get your work done faster by using Excel hacks
  • Excel VLOOKUP, IF Function, ROUND, and more Excel formulas will be available for your data analysis.
  • You can transform messy data into useful sets by using Excel powerful hidden features.
  • Get answers from your data
  • Organize, clean and manage extensive data
  • The spreadsheet design principles help you create compelling Excel reports.
  • Create helpful charts from messy data
  • Charts in Excel like Pivot Tables, Pivot Charts, Slicers and Timelines enable you to create interactive reports.
  • Introduction to Excel VBA

In the beginning, we go over the fundamentals of Microsoft Excel and move on to topics like Pivot Tables, Conditional Formatting. In addition, we cover VLOOKUP, SUMIF formulas, nested IF, etc.


Our approach covers not just why a particular feature or formula exists but how it can work for you using practical examples. The courses include a series of challenges and quizzes that test your new Excel skills.



This course will cover the following Excel features and functions.

  • You can customize your Excel interface to make it easier to find the files and tools that you need most often.
  • To add data validation to the cells in Excel and use features such as drop-down lists. This allows you to restrict the type of data input into each cell.
  • Add notes and comments to cells.
  • Add timestamps to your reports.
  • Automate data entry with Auto-Fill and Flash-fill.
  • Learn How to best handle spreadsheets and vast amounts of data.
  • Excel shortcuts to navigate and enter data.
  • Protect your spreadsheets by following these step by step instructions.
  • Excel’s most important rule regarding formulas.
  • Learn What you need to know about writing basic to advanced Excel formulas and formulas that reference other workbooks or worksheets.
  • The most useful Excel functions like the COUNTIFS and COUNT functions and the SUMIFS, averaging formulas, VLOOKUP and IF functions.
  • Learn how to convert unstructured Excel data into reportable information.
  • Excel features that will help you organize and structure data, making analysis easier (Sort, Filter, Search & Replace Go to Special etc.)
  • Optimal spreadsheet design principles.
  • Charting tools that go beyond columns and bar graphs include Paretos, Histograms, Treemaps, Sunbursts and more.
  • You can quickly analyze your data with Excel Pivot Tables.




Despite Excel’s shortcomings, it is a powerful tool for your career. It is an integral part of what hiring managers want from your resume. Excel is being used in various domains like business analytics, financial modelling, etc.

Today, most office-based professionals are required to have at least some basic Excel skills.

You can gain promotion with superior Microsoft Excel skills. Some jobs require it initially.




We have used 2019 for this course. However, Most features of Excel 2010 & 2013 will work on Excel 2019 & Excel 2016 with a few exceptions. 

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We Believe in Practical Learning!

Jobaaj Learnings is the EduTech arm of Jobaaj.com which trains professionals by focusing only on practical exposure and thus making them industry ready. It offers several certification courses on Accounting Standards, Advanced Excel, Trading, Stock Market, Computer languages like Python, Graphic Designing, etc.

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  • Thu, 16-Sep-2021
    Rajeev Gupta
    I'm working on a project in Excel finance at the moment and I keep coming back to your examples it’s very clear and easy to understand. Your website is really helpful Good Job Guys
  • Thu, 16-Sep-2021
    Meena Sisodiya
    Just wanted to say as a finance student I appreciated your website(jobaaj learnings) for learning extra techniques and important functions of ms excel which were very helpful for my finance studies. It was really helpful.
  • Thu, 16-Sep-2021
    Reetu Bansal
    Overall EXCEL COURSE is an excellent course I come from a technical background and I've used basic Excel functions before so keep that in mind. The instruction during the videos was at a good pace. The challenges and quizzes did a good job of reinforcing the content. The instructors had a great attitude in the videos.
  • Thu, 16-Sep-2021
    Arti Mishra
    Thank you jobaaj learnings for such a good course. it's very supportive for my present working field. The video lectures were completely clear. I learned important skills through this course Pivot Tables, Pivot Charts, Slicers, ere taught amazingly. I will utilize this certainly in my profession. waiting for your VBA Course
  • Thu, 16-Sep-2021
    Anuj Baghel
    Extremely comprehensive contents in each module/chapter. The instructor knows how to capture the attention and interest on the student.
  • Thu, 16-Sep-2021
    Rashmi Malik
    It gives us basic to advance knowledge. So that it can be understood without a problem. It's awesome. 5 stars
  • Thu, 16-Sep-2021
    Shweta Galav
    It is too good and interesting...and need good practice otherwise when required I cannot use this knowledge.
  • Thu, 16-Sep-2021
    Akhilesh Yadav
    I learned a lot in this class. As I started, I thought I would skip several videos since I thought that I was an excel expert, and later I found that I knew almost nothing about excel other than some calculations that I could have done with a calculator anyway. It took 3 months to complete it because I had to listen to videos and practice examples and apply them to my work projects till the concept sunk in. This was worth my time and energy. I like it. 5 stars it deserves.
  • Thu, 16-Sep-2021
    Priyanka Sharma
    It was probably the best thing I could have learned. Huge respect for the trainer, Shiva, to make it an all-inclusive program. I think I know it all . I will keep referring to my notes and the study material Shiva has provided us with. It will be treasured with me forever. THANK YOU!
  • Thu, 16-Sep-2021
    Sadiq Khan
    I have recently completed this Excel course. It was an excellent experience to go over the essential topics of excel from the basics to advance levels. The trainer is well versed with the issues and rightly explained them in a simple yet effective way using examples that are easy to understand.
  • Thu, 16-Sep-2021
    Rajat Indori
    Excel A2Z course is a fantastic course for beginners and intermediate users of excel. It has helped me to master many essential features of excel.
  • Thu, 16-Sep-2021
    Arvind Gupta
    This Excel course is a perfect learning package for everyone who wishes to enhance his MS Excel skills. As an IT professional, I was impressed by the easy-to-understand presentation style and step-by-step guidance and explanations provided by Mr. Shiva Vashishtha
  • Thu, 16-Sep-2021
    Aditya Parmar
    This course is the best way to learn excel. The course will teach you everything from basic to advanced. You can learn all the formulas and other features in excel.
  • Thu, 16-Sep-2021
    Ayushi Sharma
    Jobaaj Excel A2Z Course is a comprehensive course that will help you master the basics of Microsoft excel. It is made for everyone who uses excel but feels they are not able to do various functions in it or want to get some extra knowledge of excel.
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