Financial Modelling & Valuations

Financial models are important tools for all business decisions. When you're looking to raise finance, buy or sell a business, assess strategic options, or simply plan for the future, you are going to need a forecast.

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Curriculum for this course
39 Lessons 40:54:44 Hours
Introduction to Financial Modelling & Valuation
2 Lessons 01:26:22 Hours
  • Introduction to Financial Modelling & Valuation 00:32:22 Preview
  • DCF Model - III 00:54:00
Ms Excel : Basic To Advance
16 Lessons 16:59:10 Hours
  • Excel Interface, Basic shortcuts, Navigation keys, Manipulating worksheets & Modifying rows/columns/cells 01:50:48
  • Entering data, Name Manager, Go To, Trace Precedents & Dependents, Quick Access Shortcuts 00:56:47
  • Fomatting Tools 00:54:39
  • Custom Cell Formats, Paste Special, Transpose, Hyperlink 00:56:25
  • Sorting & Filtering, Table & its Features, Importing data, Grouping & Hiding, Data Validation 01:10:57
  • Printing setup, Text-to-columns, Math Functions, SUMPRODUCT, Date functions 01:22:44
  • Text functions, Flash Fill, Consolidate 01:32:10
  • Conditional Formatting, IF Functions/AND/OR 00:58:36
  • CHOOSE, SUBTOTAL 00:36:50
  • Pivot Table 00:35:37
  • VLOOKUP, DGET 00:50:18
  • Goal Seek, Data Table, Scenario Manager 00:54:46
  • FORECAST, TREND, GROWTH, Wild Card Characters, Error Types, Error Checks 01:09:56
  • VBA & Macros, Solver 01:31:57
  • Interactive Charts 00:43:33
Corporate Finance
7 Lessons 07:08:21 Hours
  • Time Value of Money Part - I 01:36:12
  • Time Value of Money Part - 2 01:14:54
  • Capital Budgeting Part- I 00:54:16
  • Capital Budgeting Part- II 00:22:46
  • Cost of Capital 00:49:42
  • Equity Valuation Part- I 00:55:52
  • Equity Valuation Part- II 01:14:39
Financial Statement Analysis
5 Lessons 05:01:37 Hours
  • Financial Statements : Basics 00:45:45
  • Cash Flow Statement + Other Concepts 01:09:54
  • Depreciation Methods + Working Capital 01:26:43
  • Working Capital + DuPont Analysis 00:53:09
  • Ratio Analysis + Common Sizing 00:46:06
Construction of Financial Models
9 Lessons 10:19:14 Hours
  • Financial Modelling Process 01:02:54
  • Project Finance Model Part - I 00:29:50
  • Project Finance Model Part - II 01:43:00
  • Project Finance Model Part - III 01:36:46
  • Project Finance Model Part - IV 01:23:53
  • DCF Model Part - I 01:31:29
  • DCF Model Part - II 01:00:25
  • DCF Model Part - III 00:53:59
  • Comparables Valuation Model – I 00:36:58
  • No prerequisites
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Financial models are important tools for all business decisions. When you're looking to raise finance, buy or sell a business, assess strategic options, or simply plan for the future, you are going to need a forecast. This is likely to come from a financial model. Finance professionals usually need to work with large volumes of numerical data. However, the key to successfully handle such data is the ability to organize and structure it meaningfully to render them useful to senior management for decision making. This entails the creation of robust and dynamic financial models facilitating accurate and efficient analysis of historical data and appropriate projection of financial performance.

Jobaaj Learnings offers a comprehensive programme to upskill participants on financial modelling and valuation techniques. This programme will help you to create financial models, use such models for funding proposals, credit rating or business valuation and take decisions by analyzing such models.

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  • Mon, 06-Sep-2021
    Anurag Singh
    Very detailed, in-depth explanation on financial modelling and valuation. A must-take course if one has to learn for finance people who have the drive to learn financial modelling and valuation. Covered all important topics along with great mastery of MS Excel. Highly satisfied. Thanks a ton for the course, hands down the best course on the topic arguably! Brilliant teaching, Kuldeep Sir!
  • Mon, 06-Sep-2021
    Manish Dixit
    This is a very useful course to work smart at our workplace with our limited time. This is a course which contains more practical examples so we can learn them more easily.
  • Mon, 06-Sep-2021
    Priti Tiwari
    Well, it's a good course to learn excel and Financial Modelling using excel... Please also add Monte Carlo simulation analysis.
  • Mon, 06-Sep-2021
    Deepesh Tyagi
    The course has helped me in my application and offered a deeper understanding of concepts learned in finance. Very well structured and instructed.
  • Mon, 06-Sep-2021
    Tusshar Tyagi
    I'm not a commerce student so this course is average for me but the course helps me to learn more about excel before that I don't know anything about excel. This course helps me to know some functions that can be used in excel. Thank you
  • Mon, 06-Sep-2021
    Anubhav Singh
    That's really great course to learn financial modeling and valuation. The teacher has a strong background and capability and I'm very happy with it. Because it's the first time, I'm empowering myself every day!
  • Mon, 06-Sep-2021
    Priyanka Sharma
    This course was really good to teach you basics from a Beginner level, however as someone who is advanced in Excel and was hoping to learn more about Valuation Techniques and Modeling them, I found over half the course to be review and not new information for me.
  • Mon, 06-Sep-2021
    Ayushi Sharma
    It's a great course to learn how to use excel, no matter your current level. Highly recommend it for finance students like myself.
  • Mon, 06-Sep-2021
    Aditya Parmar
    It is an excellent course! It is very well explained, with lots of business case studies, which as an accountant student, helped me to combine excel tools with my financial knowledge. I´m looking forward to put in practice all the things I've learned!
  • Mon, 06-Sep-2021
    Arvind Gupta
    It is really a good course as it covers everything, although sometimes it does not explain few concepts in-depth, as per me. So, it takes time to understand. Otherwise, the course is excellent, even for those who have no knowledge about excel. Thanks Jobaaj Learnings.
  • Mon, 06-Sep-2021
    Yogendra Pal
    The course is ultimate...I never thought that I can get something as valuable as this course for an amount less than INR5000 in an offer. I highly recommend this course to all those who want to do financial modelling.
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