Investment Banking Webinar

The webinar was conducted on 09.01.22. Enrol to get access to the recording.

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Course overview

Investment Banking is the most aspired domain in the finance field & also the one with multiple misconceptions.

Most people relate Investment Banking with the stock market (or trading), but do you know M&A is one of the most prominent fields in Investment Banking?

In order to break all such misconceptions & guide the learners on the right path to become successful Investment Bankers, This webinar was conducted on 09.01.22. Enrol to get access to the recording.

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1 Lessons 01:27:29 Hours
  • Investment Banking Webinar
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  • Randhir Goel
  • Akshay Kalwar
    This webinar is for those wo do not know know to start their Investment Banking journey. Explained in easy language by Kuldeep Sir, it will definitely help you to take right decision for your career