Python for Finance Bootcamp

Python for Finance course will help the students learning Python from the beginners level.

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What will i learn?

Curriculum for this course
96 Lessons 12:51:07 Hours
Course Introduction
6 Lessons 00:51:37 Hours
  • Python can be used for Finance? 00:08:37
  • Introduction to Google Colab 00:25:00
  • How to open .ipynb File? .
  • Worksheet 1 .
  • Worksheet 1 Solution Video 00:18:00
  • Worksheet 1 Solution File .
Python Fundamentals
8 Lessons 01:14:30 Hours
  • Tokens in Python 00:18:00
  • Variables and Assignments 00:12:30
  • Worksheet 2.1 .
  • Worksheet 2.1 Solution Video 00:21:00
  • Worksheet 2.1 Solution File .
  • Worksheet 2.2 .
  • Worksheet 2.2 Solution Video 00:23:00
  • Worksheet 2.2 Solution File .
Data Handling
14 Lessons 02:35:00 Hours
  • Python Datatypes 00:30:00
  • Operators in Python 00:28:00
  • Mutable & Immutable Datatypes 00:10:00
  • Expressions in Python 00:05:00
  • Math Module in Python 00:10:00
  • Worksheet 3.1 .
  • Worksheet 3.1 Solution Video 00:27:00
  • Worksheet 3.1 Solution File .
  • Worksheet 3.2 .
  • Worksheet 3.2 Solution Video 00:23:00
  • Worksheet 2.2 Solution File .
  • Worksheet 3.3 .
  • Worksheet 3.3 Solution Video 00:22:00
  • Worksheet 3.3 Solution File .
Flow of Control
13 Lessons 00:47:00 Hours
  • Flow of Control Introduction 00:03:00
  • Types of Statements in Python 00:04:00
  • Statement Flow Control 00:09:00
  • If Statement & If-Else Statement 00:06:00
  • Elif Statement & Nested If Statement 00:11:00
  • The Range() Function 00:05:00
  • Iteration/Looping Statements 00:09:00
  • Worksheet 4.1 .
  • Worksheet 4.1 Solution File .
  • Worksheet 4.2 .
  • Worksheet 4.2 Solution File .
  • Worksheet 4.3 .
  • Worksheet 4.3 Solution File .
List Manipulation
10 Lessons 00:52:00 Hours
  • Creating and Accessing Lists 00:19:00
  • List Operations 00:08:00
  • Making True Copy of the List 00:06:00
  • List Functions and Methods 00:19:00
  • Worksheet 5.1 .
  • Worksheet 5.1 Solution File .
  • Worksheet 5.2 .
  • Worksheet 5.2 Solutions .
  • Worksheet 5.3 .
  • Worksheet 5.3 Solutions .
9 Lessons 00:26:00 Hours
  • Introduction Dictionary – Key: Value Pair 00:08:00
  • Working with Dictionaries 00:14:00
  • Dictionary Functions and Methods 00:04:00
  • Worksheet 6.1 .
  • Worksheet 6.1 Solution File .
  • Worksheet 6.2 .
  • Worksheet 6.2 Solution File .
  • Worksheet 6.3 .
  • Worksheet 6.3 Solution File .
8 Lessons 00:30:00 Hours
  • Introduction to Functions 00:18:00
  • Building Functions with Python 00:12:00
  • Worksheet 7.1 .
  • Worksheet 7.1 Solution File .
  • Worksheet 7.2 .
  • Worksheet 7.2 Solution File .
  • Worksheet 7.3 .
  • Worksheet 7.3 Solution File .
Working with Files
3 Lessons 00:24:00 Hours
  • Working with a Text File 00:09:00
  • Creating and Renaming 00:07:00
  • Working with other files using Pandas 00:08:00
Numpy Crash Course
8 Lessons 01:40:00 Hours
  • Why Numpy? Numpy Array VS Python List 00:09:00
  • How to Use Numpy 00:14:00
  • Basic Operations in Numpy 00:15:00
  • Numpy 2D Array 00:08:00
  • Numpy Arrays: Boolean Indexing 00:13:00
  • Generating Random Numbers 00:18:00
  • Performance Issues 00:14:00
  • Case Study: Numpy vs. Python Standard Library 00:09:00
Introduction to Pandas
9 Lessons 01:50:00 Hours
  • Intro to Pandas/Tabular Data 00:12:00
  • Inspection of Data 00:13:00
  • Built-in Functions, Attributes and Methods 00:11:00
  • Where we can get DATA From 00:08:00
  • Selecting Columns 00:17:00
  • Selecting Rows with Square Brackets (not advisable) 00:09:00
  • Selecting Rows with iloc (position-based indexing) 00:20:00
  • Selecting Rows with loc (label based indexing) 00:20:00
  • Position-based Indexing Cheat Sheets .
Pandas Intermediate
4 Lessons 00:49:00 Hours
  • Getting started with Pandas Series 00:20:00
  • Analyzing Numerical Series with unique(), nunique() and value_counts() 00:12:00
  • Analyzing non-numerical Series with unique(), nunique(), value_counts() 00:10:00
  • The copy() method 00:07:00
Importing Financial Data from Yahoo Finance
0 Lessons 00:00:00 Hours
Data Visualization with Matplotlib and Seaborn
4 Lessons 00:52:00 Hours
  • Visualization with Matplotlib 00:13:00
  • Customisation of Plots 00:16:00
  • Histogramms 00:14:00
  • Scatterplots 00:09:00
Stock Market Analysis
0 Lessons 00:00:00 Hours
  • There are no prerequisites for this course. We will start the journey from very scratch. Also, the coding part would be done on Google Colab, cloud-based software, and will help us execute Code.
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Python For Finance

For the last few years, the Financial Industry is growing at a tremendous speed, and it is adopting technology at a faster pace., via its EduTech arm Jobaaj Learnings has been working as a consultancy firm for the last several years. While interacting with thousands of students, we realized how the future of finance is going to look like.

There will be exponential growth in the adoption of technology. Many working finance professionals in a survey told us how technology’s role is growing over the last five years and how their companies prioritize the candidates having technical knowledge. We have created an all-in-one python course with no prerequisites and focusing only on practical-based learning to help our finance professionals.

The All in One course will help the students, and working professionals put their first step into the programming world. This course would help the students learn Python. The students will be implementing what they are learning through time. Python is being used in Data Analysis, Data Science, Investment Banking, Machine Learning, Financial Modeling.

In this course, we will be learning basic python to intermediate level, There are various programming languages, but we are using Python as Data Scientists on a large scale are using it. We can use python for financial analysis by using the real-world financial data and analyze it in Jupyter notebooks


Significant Highlights of The Course

  • Introduction to Python? An introduction about Colab.
  • Most comprehensive Python course with online video lectures
  • Video Lectures and Quizzes 
  • Worksheets at the end of each section
  • Taught by qualified Python professional 
  • Projects at the end of the course

What is this course all about?

Python for Finance course will help the students learning Python from the beginners level. This course doesn’t require any prior knowledge related to programming; anyone who hasn’t written even a single line of Code in life can start this course.

A beginner can start learning Python right from lecture one and create his/her journey into the programming world. It includes worksheets of every topic, Assignments like GitHub Optimisation, LinkedIn Optimisation, and a Capstone project, which will help them uplift their skills.

Practical-oriented course

The course lessons are mostly practical-oriented, and most of the topics are covered in the workspace only by executing the concepts into the existing programs. Each module ends with a Quiz that contains practical questions related to the course, and students are encouraged to answer the questions before moving further.

Quizzes for practice

Apart from module end questions, this course also contains quizzes at the end of every section. Also, we have provided worksheets, assignments, and projects for practice purposes.

Instructor support for questions 

Get connected with Instructor over WhatsApp. We at Jobaaj understand that students will have questions related to the course. It is also necessary for a healthy learning process; hence, We encourage students to ask their questions about the videos discussion forum. Our team will answer every question as soon as possible.

Still thinking about whether to enroll or not, we encourage you to watch some of the preview videos and test the waters before you enroll in the course.

Who this course is for:

  • If you are a Finance student with no prior knowledge of Python and want a comprehensive approach with lots of practice questions, this course is for you. This course will help you in improving your resume and skills. It will help the candidates to stand out in the competition. 
  • If you are a working professional looking to upgrade his/her skills and learn new and advanced topics in Python, we would like you to enroll in this course for the same. As the financial industry is adopting Python with pace, it is going to be a significant step towards success
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We Believe in Practical Learning!

Jobaaj Learnings is the EduTech arm of which trains professionals by focusing only on practical exposure and thus making them industry ready. It offers several certification courses on Accounting Standards, Advanced Excel, Trading, Stock Market, Computer languages like Python, Graphic Designing, etc.

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  • Thu, 16-Sep-2021
    Rajeev Gupta
    I truly enjoyed it. It gives you basic to advance knowledge of what it takes to be a good and you can apply this knowledge not only in presentations, but also in your daily life. without a doubt the best online course.
  • Thu, 16-Sep-2021
    Meena Sisodiya
    This course is great. You simply learn a lot in an easy way. The teacher is really good and knows how to teach and engage you in the lessons. I am looking forward to next courses ( Data structure in python)
  • Thu, 16-Sep-2021
    Reetu Bansal
    This is a very informative course that helped me to come out of my shell and be more confident while speaking in front of my friends I feel like I took away a lot of important points from the course and would definitely recommend them. This course also helps me to build my strength in the programming field, and I am very grateful to share that having knowledge of python succeed me to get a job in the finance field.So I am again saying thanks to jobaaj learnings and instructor for such a great course at that reasonable prices, and I surely recommend it to my friends ...
  • Thu, 16-Sep-2021
    Arti Mishra
    This course gives insight into how python can be used in the Financial Sector, though I was unsure of how applicable it is, as it seems simplified. learned a lot about python in this course Would recommend it to a beginner of python and intermediate finance student.
  • Thu, 16-Sep-2021
    Anuj Baghel
    Great course for someone new to Python like me. - The quality of the videos and presentations was outstanding. - The additional Quizzes provided were useful to revise the topics studied. - The Worksheets provided throughout the course were very useful to apply in practice the material studied Overall practical oriented course
  • Thu, 16-Sep-2021
    Rashmi Malik
    The course has wholly fulfilled my expectation with detailed and easy-to-understand instruction. Especially, it's really compatible with a person who has no prior experience in Python like me.
  • Thu, 16-Sep-2021
    Shweta Galav
    Reviewing after completing 50% of the course.I am a finance guy and I know that in my field, knowing just finance is not enough, programming is becoming an essential part if you wanna sustain in the finance industry for the long term. Keeping this in mind, I started learning python in-depth and enrolled myself in this course.Trust me what you will be paying for this course will be worth it!
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