Stock Market: The First Step

After taking this course students can move to higher studies on the stock market i.e. Fundamental or technical study. They will gain all the basic plus intermediate knowledge required to become a trained investor or a trader.

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Created by Jobaaj Learnings Last updated Sat, 11-Sep-2021 English-hindi
What will i learn?

Curriculum for this course
55 Lessons 13:06:06 Hours
Introduction To Markets
5 Lessons 01:28:48 Hours
  • Types of Markets (Equity/Stock, Commodity, etc.) 00:23:24
  • Purpose Of Each Market 00:22:01 Preview
  • Medium To Trade in Each Market 00:18:08
  • Types of Possible Trades (Cash, Derivatives,etc.) 00:25:15 Preview
  • Quiz 00:00:00
Intoduction of Stock Market
10 Lessons 02:03:49 Hours
  • Number Of Stock Exchanges in India 00:00:00
  • Popular Stock Exchange of india 00:17:44
  • Intital Public Offering (IPO) 00:25:25 Preview
  • Further Public Offer (FPO) 00:17:40
  • Primary market and Secondary Market 00:12:00
  • Market Timings Of Indian Stock Market 00:13:43
  • Pre-Opening Market Session 00:07:19
  • Gap up Opening 00:20:34
  • Gap down Opening 00:09:24
  • Quiz 00:00:00
Next Step In Stock Market
11 Lessons 02:16:01 Hours
  • Face Value of a Stock 00:15:31 Preview
  • Market Value Of a Stock 00:08:08
  • Book Value Of a Stock 00:09:49
  • Market Capitalization 00:22:18
  • Indices (Sensex, Nifty, Bank Nifty, etc.) 00:00:00
  • Earning Per Share (EPS) 00:11:47
  • Price Earning (PE) Ratio 00:12:58
  • Circuits 00:23:55
  • Upper Circuits/Lower Cicuits 00:22:35
  • Muhurat Trading 00:09:00
  • Quiz 00:00:00
Corporate Actions & Its Impact On Stock Prices
6 Lessons 01:40:49 Hours
  • Share Split 00:20:28
  • Bonus Shares 00:18:13
  • Right Share 00:25:42
  • Buy back Of Shares 00:26:25
  • Dividend 00:10:01
  • Quiz 00:00:00
Introduction To Derivatives
6 Lessons 01:34:05 Hours
  • Future Contracts 00:31:16
  • Option Contracts- Types, option buyer vs seller, premium, etc. 00:24:49
  • Expiry Dates 00:14:16
  • Lot size/Tick size 00:23:44
  • Index Derivatives 00:00:00
  • Quiz 00:00:00
Introduction To Trading
7 Lessons 02:03:48 Hours
  • Trader vs Investor ? 00:14:51
  • Types of Traders 00:21:11
  • Long Position/Short Position 00:11:40
  • Intraday Trading Vs Delivery 00:16:06
  • Technical Indicators 00:16:44
  • Volume Analysis 00:17:47 Preview
  • Price Action Trading 00:25:29
Familiar Yourself With Trading Terminal
7 Lessons 01:34:52 Hours
  • How to Take Trade? 00:13:09
  • Types of Order 00:21:24
  • Limit Order 00:11:49
  • Market Order 00:10:34
  • Bid & Ask Price 00:10:17
  • Order Book Vs Trade Book 00:09:13
  • Importance Of Bracket Order 00:18:26
Introduction To Charts
3 Lessons 00:23:54 Hours
  • Why do we need Charts ? 00:16:34
  • Types of Charts 00:00:00
  • Candlestick Charts 00:07:20
  • No prerequisites
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What's the motive behind launching this Stock Market course?

We received requests from a number of students who wanted to learn the market(Sensex, Nifty, Bank Nifty, etc.) from scratch and make their career in this field. The market is flooded with a number of courses on the stock market but none of them is working on a practical approach.

But we at Jobaaj Learnings & ProCapitas believe that there is no point in learning any subject if you can't implement it practically.

This course will make students understand all the important concepts required to become a trader with a 100% practical approach and no theory.

What I can expect after taking this course?

After taking this course students can move to higher studies on the stock market i.e. Fundamental or technical study. They will gain all the basic plus intermediate knowledge required to become a trained investor or a trader.

Trainers Profile:-

Chartered Accountant
All India Highest in CA Final SFM (96 Marks)
International Baccalaureate Diploma
NISM Certified Research Analyst
NISM Certified Investment Advisor

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We Believe in Practical Learning!

Jobaaj Learnings is the EduTech arm of which trains professionals by focusing only on practical exposure and thus making them industry ready. It offers several certification courses on Accounting Standards, Advanced Excel, Trading, Stock Market, Computer languages like Python, Graphic Designing, etc.

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  • Tue, 31-Aug-2021
    Best Course ever !
  • Mon, 06-Sep-2021
    Anurag Singh
    Excellent course! Through this course, I Understood the market from a practical approach The instructor covers most structures and patterns that you may come across on a chart. Happy to add this knowledge to my trading arsenal. Changed the way I think and approach my analysis. Thanks
  • Mon, 06-Sep-2021
    Ragni Mishra
    Great course! I really like the way the instructor explained mind boggling concepts using easy to understand examples. This course was definitely worth your precious time and effort! Here I Learned advance techniques as well like candle charts study and lot more.
  • Mon, 06-Sep-2021
    Harvinder Singh
    Exactly what I was hoping to get. This course helped me in gaining confidence in trading stock market and provides the trader with a method to truly understand where the market is and plan his trades accordingly.
  • Mon, 06-Sep-2021
    Tusshar Tyagi
    Amazing course. Try to teach each and every stock market concept from scratch & the best thing about this course is Direct, straight forward and wastes no time! Shows examples to follow. There is also a video of him taking his trades live that gives more confidence to the students. Highly recommended! Thank you so much!
  • Mon, 06-Sep-2021
    Anubhav Singh
    Best course for beginners in the field of stock market. It was a very exciting experience I made notes and self educated myself with my unique understanding.
  • Mon, 06-Sep-2021
    Akhilesh Yadav
    And here I am satisfied with this 'Amazing Trading course '!
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